Interview of Tara Fisher, positive impact blogger and coach

Tara Fischer
Positive impact blogger and coach in personal development

It is in the south of Portugal that I done this interview with the pretty Tara. Met one month earlier on Instagram, I took the opportunity to meet her in real life.
Positive impact blogger, Tara’s journey and commitment inspires me. Through her articles, she shares with her community a big dose of motivation and postive vibes.
She gladly accepted to answer my questions. I hope it will inspire you too. 
Nice reading 🙂

Who are you and what are you doing in life ?

I am Tara. I grew up in Germany but my heart was always somewhere else, closer to the beach.

Ever since I graduated high school I travel the world, Surf amazing waves and work as a surf instructor and online content creator to make some income. I always wanted to be my own boss and I always had this deep desire to create something of my own and leave an impact on this world. 

I have always been a happy person and was stoked on life though traveling and personal development showed me what I was really capable of. And because I’ve learned so much along the journey of living my dream life at the beach, growing personally and figuring out what I wanted to do with my life I had this idea.

I decided to combine my passion for goal setting, happiness and traveling to creat a coaching business that helps other high achievers, free birds and perfectionist like me to align their goals with their lives purpose, schriebe them in a more fun and energizing way and create a life full of happiness from with and without.

What is your blog about and what is your goal with this blog ?

On my blog I focus on the four topics that I find most crucial for a persons happiness: traveling, self development, positive thinking and mental and physical health.

I use my blog mainly to engage with you, deliver you free advice and support and help you to get started with chasing your dreams.

It’s how I invite your to be part of an adventure and build a life based on dreams, inspired by growth and lived with passion.

Can you talk more about the coaching you will launch soon ?

Of course I can! It’s a pleasure to talk about it.

So my very first program that I’ll be launching November 2019 is a goal setting and self discovery program.

The program is coming with a planner that I’ve created explicitly for this program and that contains a lot of guidance, information and support along that journey of figuring out who you are, what you want and what goals to set.

The program and the planner are divided in four parts.

The first part “life” focuses on getting to know yourself better, figuring out who you are and who you want to be, what your life’s fulfillment is and also what your standards and life guidelines are.

It is all about setting an intention and visualizing that dream life of yours.

The second part “year” goes more into goal setting already. You will be figuring out what you want to achieve that year, what you want to work on in each of the 9 happiness areas and also what you want to include more into your life so you become a little happier every day and get closer to that dream life that you outlined in part 1.

The third part “months and weeks” is the classic goal setting part. There you will break down your dreamlines into smaller goals for each month and week and then you will write down actionable steps, create routines and supportive habits so you really take action every single day to get close towards achieving those goals.

The fourth and last part “day” focuses on your mindset and mindfulness. You could say that’s the part where you really learn to think positive and focus on the good and joyful in every day by practicing mindful journaling and gratitude. This part is also there to help you reflect on yourself and your life and detect limiting believes and habits as soon as possible so you can work on overcoming them in your part 3.

However that’s long not all! The program is coming with exclusive master classes and coaching calls where I provide new insights and advice on how to improve your productivity and effectiveness. I teach you how you can gain more time for the fun stuff while still achieving your goals and how you can travel the world and take breaks and still get closer towards your dreams.

The ultimate goal with this program really is to teach you how you can find a balance between hustling towards your goals and dreams and still have enough time, energy and money to enjoy life and all it’s beauty!

What do you think about the place of dreams in our society ? What do you think about our “limited beliefs” (too young, too old, too much to lose, not enough money) ? And do you believe that everyone is able to realize their dreamy life ?

Oh gosh! Such a good question!

I truly believe that every single one of us deserves to live the life of our dreams! It think life is way too short to spend it worrying and doing something the dislike. Life must be enjoyed and lives to the fullest.

Sadly I think that our society yet has to learn a lot of that. Most of us are still so caught up in trying to find happiness in external things, in the past or the future.

However true, lasting happiness lies within you, in the present moment. And each of us as to consciously decide to let that happiness into his or her life and start chasing that dreams.

Creating your dream life isn’t always easy and yes there are barriers and limiting believes that get planted in our minds through society.

However you have the choice whether or not to let them affect you. It’s sour choice if you let them hold you back or if you let them empower you.

If you really want it, nothing can stop you from living your dream life! Not even money.

Or like this famos quote says: if there’s a will there’s a way!

If I can give you a little advice here though then it is to find someone, or maybe even a group of people who support you and encourage you to keep going. This journey  of creating your dream life isn’t always easy and fun and if you have someone who believes in you then this person can help you push through hard times. + it’s just so much more fun to do this together.

And you ? What is your biggest dream ?

Ohh I’ve got many dreams! But my biggest dream is probably to bring happiness to the world through my work and my presence. I want to keep living the life of my dreams and show you that you can do it too. And I want to be that Pearson for you that believes in you when you can’t! 

So you could say my biggest dream is happiness for myself and those around me.

Why & how have you interested yourself to self development?

I’ve always loved watching people and analyzing their behavior and actions. I always found great pleasure in reflecting on my and other people’s actions and understanding the background of why things come to be that way.

Though I only got really deep into self development through traveling.

Traveling is the most amazing thing a person can do for themselves! It puts you completely out of your comfort zone, out of your usual environment and it forces you to be open towards life.

When you travel especially for a longer time you learn to adapt to situations, you learn to push beyond your fears and you learn to try new things.

All this experience, the struggles and the immense happiness that you experience while traveling help you grow in ways you can’t even imagine.

After I realized the potential for personal growth that lies in traveling I wondered what would be possible if you used traveling as an active tool to change your life.

And because I saw so much potential in it I decided to give it a shot and explore deeper how we can use traveling as a tool to grow beyond who we currently are.

If you can change three things in this world, what it will be ?

I would remove all plastic and environmental pollution.

I would turn everyone vegan and make the economy more environment friendly.

I would make everyone see the beauty and love that is within everything around us.

What’s your plans for your early future ?

Haha that’s a good question.

I’ll hopefully be finishing my studies soon so I can completely focus on my coaching business and take it next level.

Then I hope to be living in South Africa for a while and also travel more of Southeast Asia and Latin America.

I also want to improve my surfing and get better for the environment myself.

And lastly I just want to enjoy life and see where it leads me.

What is your life mentor/ your phrase who drives you in life ?

There are a few and I want to name the three important one as they equally guide my life.

The first is: spread the stoke. Share love and positivity.

That is what I remind myself of every day. That’s what I want to guide every action of mine and what I want to teach others to be guided by too.

The second is: happiness is now.

Because happiness really happens in this present moment. Now is the only thing we’ll ever have. We can’t change the past and we can’t control the future but we can decide now to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

And the last phrase that guides me in life is: everything happens for a reason, nothing good is ever lost and magic is real.

I know that’s actually three in one but they all refer to the same thing, the beauty of life, of connection of everything that is and the complete surrender to the universe as our guide. It’s also what empowers me to keep pushing because believing in magic is believing in everything being possible. And I know that everything is possible. No matter how impossible it might look at the moment. 

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