Dear Body

Today, dear Body, we celebrate our nineteen years of life together.
On this occasion, I wanted to share with you these sincere words.

I’m sorry for all these ups and downs.
Sorry for making our relationship complicated,
to have belittled you a lot of times,
and for that time I did not take care of you.
I beg your pardon, to have given you sometimes too much,
and sometimes not enough food.
To be honest, I have often hated you,
because you were not like the models I saw on Instagram.
I saw only one solution:
to deprive you of your food pleasures,
because gluttony did not go with my fantasies.
Parisian life, modeling and social networks made me stress,
an environment where the physical pressure is extremely strong.
I did not have enough confidence in myself to take these things serenely.
This stress, I put it on you,
to be accepted by others,
to meet the codes and criteria of society,
and to succeed in life.
Because yes, I thought that succeed,
it went through the physical.
And your appearance did not please me.
Your nose was too big for my taste,
your breasts too small
and your thighs too big.
So by depriving you,
I managed to make you lose weight.
And above all, to make you lose happiness.
I was very quickly caught in food crises.
I beg your pardon for giving you so much food during these crises.
Sorry for all these ridiculous diets and restrictions,
like to try to compensate.
I did not know where I was in my life.
I felt like I was alone, sad, unhappy.
Instead of confronting me with reality,
I preferred to think of something else,
and eat, as if to forget.
I have surely made the biggest mistakes in treating you like that.

In recent months, I have realized that my body is my only home,
a kind of second brain that controls my mind.
At the same time, I made the decision to listen to my inner voice,
who needed adventures, new experiences and to follow my dreams.
This voice guided me to the ocean and to a more peaceful life,
so that I take care of my projects
and especially more of you.

Today, dear Body, I want to become your friend; your best friend.
I want to be trusted, to give you all the love and peace you need.
My wish is to heal from these food crises.
I want to give you healthy, local and fresh food,
that you can benefit from a diet which is good for Mama Earth and you.
But most of all, I want to stop depriving you.
Because if you need and want a food,
I promise to listen to you.
Because a healthy diet, it’s finding a balance.
I promise to take care of you
and accept you as you are,
whatever the changes.

Sharing these words of reconciliation with my body means a lot to me.
Because I know I’m not the only one with eating disorders,
I wish to pass a message of sweetness.
To you, who reads these words:
all will be well, from the moment when you will really listen to your body.
I wish you to take care of your inner house, to feel happy, to feel good.
I wish you to become aware of what you put in your belly,
because “you are what you eat”.
And I wish to all the women of this world to be themselves,
to stop comparing oneself,
and realize how beautiful they are,
whatever their size and appearance.
Life is too short to make us feel guilty about what we eat,
so let’s enjoy the things we love.
We are all unique and that’s what makes us our beauty.
So let’s give love and peace,
to our stretch marks, our cellulite,
our little or big buttocks,
our moles and our freckles.
To every thing that makes us unique.
Let us accept and love ourselves as we are,
while taking care of us.