about me and my blog

I am Anaïs, passionate about waves, travel and especially passionate about life.
Constantly in the search for adventures, new experiences and in the pursuit of the sun, I have decided to create this blog, to share with you the backstage of my waking life and my fight for Mama Earth.

Inspired by nature, ecology and ocean, this blog gather interviews from changemakers, who creates alternatives for a better world. 
I want to share some of my experience and positively influence people to care and love their bodies, to let go and enjoy life. Because I am convinced that from the moment we are good inside, we can do good outside.

Watershed means “a turning point” in English.
This sweet word is a good illustration of my life. The life I chose to lead.
I decided to accept my body and no longer respond to the codes and expectations of society.
I chose to follow my dreams and do the things that makes me happy, despite the reluctance of my loved ones.
More than ever, I aspire to travel, happiness, meetings, personal development, to no longer deprive my body, to live my dreams, to inspire humbly and positively.
I simply aspire to contribute to creating a better future for the planet and people.
The ocean, the surf and the salt water have awakened new passions and opened new horizons for my future.
This environment has changed my life and transmitted values ​​of love, respect and tolerance.
The ocean gives me the desire to go after my projects, at the end of my dreams and at the end of the world.
Dear Ocean, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
It’s my turn to save you now.

Captured by the talented Lucas Cerri